VBSVBS for Electric VehiclesVacuum Sensor SwitchBrushless Water Pump
The VBS pump kit comes with all the componets for the completed vacuum assist solution. This includes an ultra-quiet pump, automatic shutoff switch, relay, fuse, tubing and everything required for the installation. Now VBS has become the best solution for many EV manufactures around the world, and all consider it a extra quite one with perfect performance in improving the brake efficiency of electric vehicles.
The main function of VBS:
1. provide the electric vehicles with the vacuum assistance as the engine of the automobiles does
2. work as the brake system
3. shorten the braking distance to 18.9 meters from 60 to 0 m.p.h
4. Improve the vacuum braking force and the horsepower
Special Features:
1. Electric pump VBS
2. 100% braking efficiency consistently
3. Easy-to-fit, no modification of the original design is required
4. could work with or without ABS:
with ABS: make the brake safer
without ABS: work as the brake system
5. an apparent notification- handbrake light
6. the voltage and amp of VBS could be modified to suit for various standards
7. low noise, extra quite pump
Download the VBS installation guide.
For further technical specification in detailed, please mail to Bernice Wu.

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