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Working Principle Of A Traditional Brake System
The traditional brake system is made up of the vacuum booster and the high pressure circuit. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the pedal pushes on the push rod of the brake fluid’s piston inside the vacuum booster, and it will in turn press the master cylinder's piston to force the brake fluid into the ABS system through the metal pipework. Then the ABS system will distribute the brake fluid to the brake calipers and press on the brake discs to make the brakes operate.

Working Principle Of VBS

Innovative Concepts Of VBS
1.Equip the sensor of the vacuum degree of the booster to the brake system.

2.When the vacuum degree of the booster is under standard, the vacuum pump will start up automatically.

3.Replenish the vacuum degree of the booster immediately to make the brake system keep on working normally.

4.To maintain the brake system within the original efficiency.

5.To efficiently avoid the dangerous of the brake caused by the vacuum deficiency of the booster, and ensure your life safety.

Main Functions Of VBS
1.To produce vacuum by means of an electric pump. This should provide continuous and stable vacuum assistance to the brake booster. If the engine malfunctions, the vacuum brake system still keeps on working.

2.When the vacuum degree of the booster is not sufficient, it will detect it automatically and replenish it to the standard value. And it will provide continuous and stable assistance to the brake pedal and achieve the best brake effect.

3.It will notify the driver by means of the handbrake lamp when the VBS operates.

4.It firms a stand-alone system, so modification of the original design is not needed.

5.It should cooperate with the existing brake system to increase the overall braking efficiency.

6.Make it unnecessary to quip the vehicle with a supplementary vacuum reservoir.

Suitable For
1.All style with 12V/24V vacuum booster to all brands

2.Medium-sized bus (22 seats)

3.Medium-sized truck

4.Electric vehicles/ Hybrids/ Gas Cars/ Solar Sars

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